Intelligence Talent Search Solution Partner

                                                                                        We work closely with mobile transportation manufacturers for many years and have a huge talent pool. We are specialized in talent search from Plant Construction, Welding & Painting, Components and Parts, 3D Additive Manufacturing,Hybrid & Electric Vehicle, Driverless Technology, Body Engineering, Machine Vision, OEM & Assembly Plant, Powertrain Assemble, Plant Environmental Protection Project, Auto Finance Service, Passenger & Freight Transport, Auxiliary System and Components, Traction & Driving System, etc.

                                                                                        • Plant Construction
                                                                                        • Welding & Painting
                                                                                        • Components and Parts
                                                                                        • 3D Additive Manufacturing
                                                                                        • Hybrid & Electric Vehicle
                                                                                        • Unmanned Technology
                                                                                        • Body Engineering
                                                                                        • Machine Vision
                                                                                        • OEM & Assembly Plant
                                                                                        • OEM & Assembly Plant
                                                                                        • Plant Environmental Protection Project
                                                                                        • Auto Finance Service
                                                                                        • Passenger & Freight Transport
                                                                                        • Auxiliary System and Components
                                                                                        • Traction & Driving System
                                                                                        • Communication & IT technology
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