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                                                                                        We have been always updating our knowledge and understandings for serving Energy and Mining clients as the enterprises around the world are making all the efforts to use energy in a more efficient way. We have successfully delivered many top management candidates to world`s leading companies to help them achieve better performance in China market. We mainly serve in Hydropower,Thermal Power,Nuclear Power,Wind Power,Solar Power,Oil & Gas,Metallurgy,Cement,New Energy,Metal Mining,Coal Mining,Surface Mining,Underground Mining,Distributed energy and related fields.

                                                                                        • Hydropower
                                                                                        • Thermal Power
                                                                                        • Petrochemical
                                                                                        • Nuclear Power
                                                                                        • Wind Power
                                                                                        • Oil & Gas
                                                                                        • Metallurgy
                                                                                        • Cement
                                                                                        • New Energy
                                                                                        • Metal Mining
                                                                                        • Coal Mining
                                                                                        • Surface Mining
                                                                                        • Underground Mining
                                                                                        • Distributed energy
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