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                                                                                        Electric Automation is the essential composition of modern industry, we deliver our headhunting services to the sectors e.g. Electrical Equipment & Instrument, Automatic Control System, Sensors and Actuators, Industrial Automation Data, System Positioning, Industrial Communication, Network and Fieldbus Systems, Motion Control, Optical Technology,Robot, System Integration, Components and Parts, Software & Development Platform, Camera & Lens System, Flexible Manufacture, Application Scheme, Image Processing System, Optical System and so on.

                                                                                        • Electrical Equipment and Instrument
                                                                                        • Automatic Control System
                                                                                        • Lab Equipment
                                                                                        • Sensors and Actuators
                                                                                        • Industrial Automation Data
                                                                                        • System Positioning
                                                                                        • Industrial Communication
                                                                                        • Network and Fieldbus Systems
                                                                                        • Motion Control
                                                                                        • Optical Technology
                                                                                        • Robot
                                                                                        • System Integration
                                                                                        • Components and Parts
                                                                                        • Software and Development Platform
                                                                                        • Camera & Lens System
                                                                                        • Flexible Manufacture
                                                                                        • Application Scheme
                                                                                        • Image Processing System
                                                                                        • Optical System
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