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                                                                                        HOLDMAN is the expert of Mechanical Equipment & Manufacturing talent recruitments. Our consultants have extensive industry and market knowledge which ensures us to totally understand the needs of clients as well as deliver the most suitable candidates within a short period.

                                                                                        Our service has widely covered segments including Engineering Machinery,Agricultural Machinery,Construction Machinery,Mining & Processing Equipment,Port Machinery,Metallurgy Machinery,Logistics Machinery,Food Processing Machinery,Petro-Chemical Machinery,Textile Machinery,Paper Manufacturing Machinery,Photovoltaic Equipment,Thermal Equipment,Numerical Control Machines,Metal Production and Fabrication,Welding and Cutting Machinery,Casting and Forging,Fluid Power and Mechanical Transmission,Air Pressure Technology and Equipment,Material and Surface Treatment,Inspections and Certifications, etc.

                                                                                        • Engineering Machinery
                                                                                        • Agricultural Machinery
                                                                                        • Construction Machinery
                                                                                        • Mining and Processing Equipment
                                                                                        • Casting and Forging
                                                                                        • Material and Surface Treatment
                                                                                        • Port Machinery
                                                                                        • Metallurgy Machinery
                                                                                        • Logistics Machinery
                                                                                        • Food Processing Machinery
                                                                                        • Fluid Power and Mechanical Transmission
                                                                                        • Welding and Cutting Machinery
                                                                                        • Petro-Chemical Machinery
                                                                                        • Textile Machinery
                                                                                        • Paper Manufacturing Machinery
                                                                                        • Photovoltaic Equipment
                                                                                        • Air Pressure Technology and Equipment
                                                                                        • Metal Production and Fabrication
                                                                                        • Thermal Equipment
                                                                                        • Numerical Control Machines
                                                                                        • Inspections and Certifications
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