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                                                                                        AT HOLDMAN, NO MORE LONG AND COMPLICATED SOURCING

                                                                                        You will be able to devote your time to your real job – contacting candidates, evaluating them, convincing them and advising them.
                                                                                        You will also have more time to spend to expand your client-base and contribute to their success.

                                                                                        Meet us if you are a professional of headhunting and recruitment with successful track record in the following fields:

                                                                                        • Finance
                                                                                        • HR
                                                                                        • Hi-tech
                                                                                        • Digital
                                                                                        • E-Commerce
                                                                                        • Supply Chain
                                                                                        • Sales
                                                                                        • Marketing
                                                                                        • Industrial
                                                                                        • Energy
                                                                                        • Chemicals
                                                                                        • Electronics
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