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                                                                                        APPLICATION GUIDE

                                                                                        The CVs of job applicants shall not contain any false information, such as fake qualifications, hidden work experience, fabricated performance records and so on.
                                                                                        Unreasonable Gaps
                                                                                        The CVs of job applicants shall not contain any unreasonable gaps. For example, if a CV shows three months of free of work between two different employers,
                                                                                        On Time
                                                                                        The candidate must attend the interview on time or inform the consultant at least 24 hours in advance for absence.
                                                                                        On-board Time
                                                                                        It is very important that the candidate to strictly respect the on-board time indicated in the offer. If the candidate is not able to work on time, good reasons are required.

                                                                                        ABOUT RESUME

                                                                                        THE KEYS
                                                                                        • Avoid lengthy content meanwhile be clear and concise

                                                                                          Recruiters faces lots of resumes every day. Research shows that in average HR managers spends only 35 seconds on each resume. Therefore, a compact resume can help the recruiters to capture your career highlights and attract their attentions.

                                                                                        • Tell the true story

                                                                                          Experienced HR managers have keen senses to inauthentic information in the resumes. It is not wise to try to muddle through with fabricated or exaggerated contents. Deficient career experience doesn`t kill.

                                                                                        • Provide comprehensive information

                                                                                          The role of a resume is to let the recruiter to depict a career picture of you as much as possible. So, provide the basic elements in the resume is essential, which are: name, age, gender, home and work address, education and qualifications

                                                                                        • Highlight the most related experience – Jewel of the crown

                                                                                          You can use the same copy of resume for all the jobs you applied, and most applicants do so. That`s also why most applicants don`t get a chance to the interview round.

                                                                                        RESUME STRUCTURE
                                                                                        • Basic information

                                                                                          Make sure your name, address, mobile number, and e-mail are correct.

                                                                                        • Education

                                                                                          Reverse the chronological of your education, including the school name, major, and degrees; List the name of the papers you have published at school and work.

                                                                                        • Self-assessments

                                                                                          The Self-Assessments express your core competences for the position you aim for. Summarize your work experience, skills, competitive advantages and specific technical characteristics, awards and so on. Always list your most presentable stuff in the front lines.

                                                                                        • Work experience

                                                                                          List your jobs in a reverse chronological order;
                                                                                          Include company name, city, province, company overview, time period of work, title, job responsibilities and major achievements;
                                                                                          According to the skills that you can convert, describe your past work experience;
                                                                                          Each item of descriptive text begins with verbs (such as manage, obtain, in charge of, etc.);
                                                                                          Ensure consistency of your work experience and your job objective.

                                                                                        INTERVIEW TIPS

                                                                                        • ARRIVE 3 TO 5 MINUTES EARLY

                                                                                          If you show up 10 minutes or earlier before the interview, this may indicate you are an idle guy. If you are unfortunately late, apologize sincerely.

                                                                                        • MAKE MODERATE HANDSHAKES

                                                                                          Do not shake stiffly or feebly. If you are let in, the interviewer may want to observe you from the behind.

                                                                                        • DO NOT TALK BIG

                                                                                          Highlight your professional advantages, achievements and practical abilities rather than exaggerate or fabricate anything. Experienced recruiters can see through tricks easily.

                                                                                        • BE COMMUNICATIVE BUT NOT TALKATIVE

                                                                                          The interview is for efficient communications. Pointless talk can only make the interviewers impatient.

                                                                                        • DO NOT DRINK TOO MUCH COFFEE

                                                                                          Cocaine in coffee can increase your heartbeat and tension and sometimes brings bad breath, try gum instead.

                                                                                        • KEEP CALM ON YOUR FACE

                                                                                          The interviewers already have a first impression on you when you take a seat. If their gazes make you nervous, look at their eyebrows or noses and calm down on your face, nothing to panic.

                                                                                        • AVOID EXPRESSING YOUR INTERESTS OF THE JOB FREQUENTLY

                                                                                          Doing this may make the recruiters believe that you need a job badly. Normally you won`t be hired or will receive an offer with unsatisfied conditions.

                                                                                        • SHOW YOUR MOTIVATION AT LAST

                                                                                          Express your motivations of the job at the goodbye-handshake and tell the interviewer you expect a quick feedback from them.

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