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                                                                                        Functions & Positions

                                                                                        Concentrating on industrial companies` recruiting needs for so many years, we review our data regularly as they tell interesting numbers which reflect our business achievements and facts. By early 2020, our candidates on boarding positions are mainly composed by Middle and Senior management positions, Technical positions and Supporting positions. Classified by functions, the distribution is more even, including Operational functions, Marketing & Sales functions, Supply Chain functions, Project Management functions, R&D functions, Finance functions and so on.

                                                                                        Mid-level Management Positions

                                                                                        Department Manager
                                                                                        (Sales、Maintenance、Production、Technology、Quality、Human resources、Marketing、
                                                                                        Finance、Supply Chain、Research & Development、
                                                                                        Pre-sales and After sales、Product)


                                                                                        General Manager and Deputy General Manager、Project Director、
                                                                                        Production Director、Marketing & Sales Director、
                                                                                        Supply Chain Director、Training Director.

                                                                                        Mid-Level Technical Positions (Department Manager)

                                                                                        Installation& Commissioning、Maintenance、Quality Control& Assurance、
                                                                                        Supply Chain Functions.

                                                                                        Senior Technical Positions

                                                                                        Technical Director、Quality Director、Research & Development Specialist、
                                                                                        Production Director、Laboratory Chief.



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