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                                                                                        In this sector, our consultants work with some of the largest and most prestigious chemical global companies and have made outstanding achievements in Plant Operation, EPC Project, Petrochemical, Biochemistry, Plastic & Rubber products, Fine Chemical Industry, Industrial Gas & Equipment, Chemical Piping & Valves, Furnace, Chemical vessel, Knockout Tower, Reactor, Heat Exchanger, Crystallizing Equipment, Chemical Pharmaceutical, Bio-Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, Medical Institution Management and other subsectors. Our chemical team is especially good at helping enterprises and organizations to recruit highly skilled experts. We have very deep understandings of the needs of clients in the chemical industry and are able to provide one-stop professional recruitment solutions.

                                                                                        • Plant Operation
                                                                                        • EPC Project
                                                                                        • Petrochemical
                                                                                        • Biochemistry
                                                                                        • Plastic and Rubber products
                                                                                        • Fine Chemical Industry
                                                                                        • Industrial Gas and Equipment
                                                                                        • Chemical Piping and Valves
                                                                                        • Furnace
                                                                                        • Chemical vessel
                                                                                        • Knockout Tower
                                                                                        • Reactor
                                                                                        • Heat Exchanger
                                                                                        • Crystallizing Equipment
                                                                                        • Chemical Pharmaceutical
                                                                                        • Bio-Pharmaceutical
                                                                                        • Medical Equipment
                                                                                        • Medical Institution Management
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